Why You Should Consider Custom Picture Framing for Your Artworks

Many people are content to force their pictures into standard-sized frames or not to use a frame at all. In fact, there are some very good reasons why you should consider using a custom picture framing service for your artwork.


The most important reason for choosing a custom frame is that you can get it in exactly the right size. Standard frames always seem to be slightly too big or too small for the picture you want to put in, and if your artwork is an awkward size or shape (which can be a particular issue if you are trying to frame memorabilia rather than a picture) it can be difficult to find anything suitable. Custom framing will ensure the frame is the correct fit, whatever you want to put in it.


A second reason for choosing a custom frame is that you will need to give the right protection to your pictures and artwork. Paintings are likely to lose their colour over time as they are exposed to light, and any kind of picture can suffer from scratches, marks or dirt. Placing your artworks in a frame that is made to fit them will properly stretch the canvas and provide a glass or acrylic cover to protect the artwork from damage and deterioration.


When you choose a custom frame, you can find the frame that best suits the artwork. Not only can you find exactly the right measurements, but you can also choose the material for the frame (frames are available in metal, plastic, wood and other materials), decide on the style (whether you want a modern-looking frame or a vintage one, for example) and also choose the colour. This ensures that the frame you choose will complement the artwork and show it off at its best.


Finally, placing an artwork in a custom frame shows that you care about the picture and consider it to be important. Whether it's a personally significant photograph, paintings made by you or your family, or a piece of art that you have bought, a custom-made frame will add the personal touch and show that you not only consider it a thing of beauty, but that you value your home enough to want your walls to display your art in the most attractive way possible.

Custom framing will ensure that your pictures are displayed to their best advantage and form a unique centrepiece to your home.