Classification of Wooden Toys Based on Child Development Stages

When it comes to your child's development, do not ignore the simple things. For instance, while your toddler might be attracted to the sounds and lights in sophisticated toys, they are not the best choice. Wooden toys are the perfect playthings for toddlers for the simple reason that they accelerate child development than other types of toys. Although children can use the same wooden toys throughout their childhood years, you need to consider their growth stages. This article highlights the different types of wooden toys you should buy as your child goes through the various development stages.

Awakening Wooden Toys — Research shows that the learning processes in a child's brain are fastest between 0-6 years. Afterwards, the processes continue, but at a much slower rate. Therefore, during the first few months, your little bundle of joy needs awakening wooden toys. As their name suggests, awakening toys are supposed to awake your baby's critical senses. Typically, babies start to feel stimuli, and awakening wooden toys help stimulate their senses of touch and smell. Most importantly, awakening toys provide an opportunity for your toddler to get used to the different stimuli.

Baby Toys — As your child grows, they become more aware of their surroundings and understand that they can do more with different objects. At this development stage, your child needs baby toys. Unlike awakening toys, baby toys are sold in sets so that growing kids can play with them individually or as a unit to challenge their mental and motor skills. Stacking wooden toys are an excellent example of baby toys, and they help refine a child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Sorting toys also fall into the baby toy category, and they help babies learn how to recognise differences in shapes, colours and sizes.

Imitation Toys — There reaches a point in a child's development when they start to imitate what they see. At this stage, your child begins to notice the little different things you do like brushing your hair, repairing your car, cooking, cleaning the house and many other activities. At this stage, you need to get your child imitation toys. For instance, imitation toys such as a dressing table, dollhouse, or cooking sets are perfect for building a child's interest in certain activities. Therefore, if you notice that your child follows you to the kitchen a lot, you can buy them a wooden kitchen set. If they love to play driver, a wooden fleet of buses will suffice.

For more information about buying wholesale wooden toys for your child, contact a local retailer.